Enterprise Storytelling Sessions

We’re thrilled to share the 2015 enterprise UX storytelling sessions! Thanks to all who submitted an entry.

  1. “How UX Changed the Product Database” (Kim Bieler, UX Manager, FireEye)
    A story about what happens when smart people think they know what everyone else is thinking.
  2. “Sometimes the Best UX Has No UI” (Jane Bungum, Principal Product Manager, Symantec)
    Do our fellow enterprise workers of the world really need to slog through another user interface?
  3. “Getting to No—Not Doing the Right Damn Thing” (David Cain, Sr. UX Architect, McKesson)
    Sometimes, the hardest thing to do in an enterprise is nothing.
  4. “Getting Fired Over Chapter Seven” (Audrey Crane, Partner, DesignMap)
    A tale of woe involving a box of Alan Cooper books and a team of pissed off developers.
  5. “Nerdy is Darn Sexy” (Lada Gorlenko, User Experience Director, Artefact)
    A rant with the hint of a great idea.
  6. “A UX Horror Story” (Jordan Koschei, Director of UX/UI, Fusion Media, Inc.)
    You know a project’s going awry when the client asks to make an interface “jazzier and sexier.”
  7. “Enterprise UX and Meditation” (Liu Liu, Interaction Designer, Google)
    Searching for peace of mind in the world of enterprise.
  8. “Shared So Beautifully” (Eva Miller, Design Strategist, Jama Software)
    High-stakes problems can hide an entire ecosystem of people, data, and needs. Uncover this delicately connected world first, or risk creating solutions that cannot last or grow..