Mobile Design and Innovation for Complex Systems

As of April 15, Theresa’s workshop is SOLD OUT.

As a designer responsible for enterprise or B2B software, you face challenges that B2C designers can’t even imagine. While they play around with different button colors, you’re solving bigger problems like how to visualize big data, keep planes in the air, and build system critical dashboards. Throw in the mobile form factor and your job just got exponentially harder.

Theresa Neil has spent the past 14 years designing complex systems for everything from data transformation to finite element simulation. She has a deep focus in mobile solutions and recently released the second edition of the Mobile Design Pattern Gallery (O’Reilly Media, 2014).

Her full-day workshop take you through the most common problems she’s encountered with mobile design in ‘non-consumer’ world, and the solutions she’s uncovered. The workshop covers four major topics:

  1. Identifying Uniquely Mobile Opportunities (and How To Avoid the Duplication Trap)
  2. Mobile IA, IX, and UI Design Principles and Patterns
  3. Easy Ways to Prototype and Validate Designs
  4. Tear-Free Launch: Tips for managing the nightmare of cross platform production design, collaborating with developers and QA teams

What You’ll Learn

Workshop attendees will leave with:

  • New techniques for brainstorming mobile opportunities
  • Experience in mapping a cross platform user journey
  • Understanding of how mobile IA will differ from traditional web site IA
  • UI design patterns for some of the trickiest areas of enterprise apps: complex navigation, grids, filtering, and more
  • Exposure to the tools for prototyping, testing and collaboration
  • A working template for managing cross platform production design