Lean UX in the Enterprise: Combining Agile, Lean, and User-Centered Design

As of April 13, Jeff’s workshop is SOLD OUT.

Most large organizations have adopted some flavor of Agile. Many have invested in design teams. Some have even implemented lean product validation techniques into their product development practices. Very few have successfully combined these three practices together.

This workshop—designed for VP/Directors of Product, Engineering, & UX as well as product managers, designers and software engineers—teaches how to build a strong product discovery culture AND how to combine it with an effective delivery strategy.

Why You Should Attend

This workshop will teach you how to structure and incentivize teams to discover, design and deliver the best products for your existing lines of business. We will go over what to do with existing customers, brand expectations, competing corporate priorities and legacy product lines and business. You will leave with specific techniques you can put to work immediately.

Who Should Attend

VP/Directors of Product, Engineering, & UX as well as product managers, designers and software engineers (bring the whole team!).

What You’ll Learn

In this fun, high-energy and hands-on workshop, Jeff Gothelf will teach you and your teams:

  • How adopting lean principles increases the amount your team learns
  • How basing your product ideas on assumptions, rather than requirements, gets you to better products and product enhancements faster with less waste
  • Why objective measures of success, outcomes, are the only true definition of “done”
  • How to write hypotheses based on our assumptions
  • How to structure experiments to test those hypotheses and take advantage of our continuous reality
  • How to work cross-functionally to bring engineering, design and product management together in an agile way
  • How a single backlog—made up of learning and delivery objectives—can work with each of your teams
  • How to incorporate this culture of learning in your enterprise organization