Who you’ll meet at Enterprise UX 2015

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Enterprise UX 2015 is only two weeks out! Who will be there (aside from our amazing speakers)?

We did some back-of-the-envelope analysis of our attendees. Here’s what we learned:

  • Job titles suggest that about 60% have mid- to senior-level roles, mostly in some aspect of design (with a smattering of project managers and IT and marketing people)
  • About 43% of attendees are female; that’s lower than we see at most UX-related events
  • Not surprisingly, it’s North Americans who will be hoofing it to San Antonio—by a long shot
  • It’s extremely hard to distinguish those working within enterprises versus those developing products and services for enterprises—but gut feeling suggests we’re slightly tilted toward the former

To help you get to know each other better and share information, we’ll be using Slack as a back channel during the conference. If you’ve registered, look for an emailed invitation to join our Slack channel soon.

Also attending: some fantastic sponsors, many of who will be giving away shiny and useful things. We hope you’ll take the opportunity get to meet them in San Antonio!