Will your five-minute story get you a free ticket to Enterprise UX 2015?

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Our main program and workshops are all set—but there is still an opportunity to speak at Enterprise UX 2015: submit a proposal to tell a 5-minute story. Our Enterprise Storytelling Coordinator Dan Willis is looking for great ideas, tales of horror, or just plain old rants. Learn more and apply here; if you’re selected, you get to attend the conference’s two-day main program for free!

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  1. Hi there,

    Jon here from redpepper, an ad agency that focused on user experiences, behavior change and making awesome things.

    We serve a large enterprise client, building internal applications for their IT function. I have sooooooo many stories, but some great ones come to mind for this audience:

    How we built a meaningful app for a team of three that changes, fundamentally, how 75,000 people perform a monthly task in side the business. …and how the customer wrecked the app.

    How we’ve tried to unify several hundred applications under one common pattern set and the challenges and learning that came from it.

    How we get visibility into hundreds of applications and systems, which allows us to consult for the client in a surprising way: showing them applications they didn’t know about. The left hand and the right hand…

    …and many more. This conference sounds thrilling and redpepper would love to add a little color. Looking forward to it!

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