Detangling Information Architecture with OOUX

June 12, 2020 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Sophia Prater
Bram Wessel

Many UX designers, product owners, and the people responsible for the digital world are facing incredible complexity. As they try to design simple front-end solutions for their users, the back-end reality of multiple databases, multi-level permissions, APIs, and content governance often seems impossible to tame. In this workshop, participants learn Object-Oriented UX, a methodology that helps wrangle that complexity into a tidy array of color-coded sticky notes. Participants will return to their organizations with a repeatable, scaleable, and collaborative tool for detangling—and visualizing—even the most convoluted IAs.


  • Understand why consistent, recognizable digital objects are important, from a psychological perspective.
  • Extract the important business objects from stakeholder requirements and research, which will become the pillars of your strong information architecture.
  • Create object-relationship models with crows-feet diagrams, which will inform intuitive and natural navigation.
  • Get a handle on the full scope of your functionality requirements with a capabilities inventory.
  • Build an object map, a magical artifact that gives a team X-ray vision into the system they are trying to design.
  • Map your Objects, Relationships, and Attributes across systems and processes, giving your organization new information management Capabilities.
  • Determine whether centralized or distributed management is best for your Objects.
  • Learn how measurement and governance can make your information ecosystem improve over time, keeping it durable and sustainable.
  • Understand your organization’s information topology so you can design a model that allows people and platforms to effectively share information.