The 2019 edition of our conference has a new name—Enterprise Experience—and with it, two new use cases:

1) Helping UX leaders and managers more effectively partner with their peers in product management, CX and other parts of the enterprise that share responsibility for delivering great experiences

2) Helping enterprise UX practitioners up-level their skillsets to become “enterprise-ready”

Read more about how we’re changing the 2019 edition of the conference here.

We’re reaching beyond UX to our “sister” enterprise silos that impact the experience, starting with these siblings: Customer experience (CX), Product management, Engineering, and Data analytics.

That means UX team leaders and mid- and senior-level UX practitioners (including information architects, interaction designers, content strategists, and other user experience professionals) who are charged with researching and designing enterprise software and web sites.

It also means product managers who know that research and design lead to user adoption and give their products a competitive edge. And it means engineers, developers, marketers, and senior decision-makers whose organizations stand to benefit when their employees and customers enjoy better experiences.