Theme 4: Enterprise Organizational Journey

June 4, 2019 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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Ted Neward

Leading Across Silos

We’ll blend panel-style discussion, improvisation, business wargaming, and more to explore the dynamics of cross-functional enterprise implementation teams. Our panel of experts—each representing a different facet of the software development lifecycle, including UX, Product, Development, Operations and Sales & Marketing—will be put into situations not of their own choosing that they must resolve in a series of meetings played out before the audience. Each member has their organization’s goals in mind, and their company’s goals in mind, but they don’t always know everybody else’s goals or concerns. Just like back at the office!

Our panel of experts will explore, real-time, what happens when conflicts arise, and audience members will be able to participate by providing feedback, through our moderator, as to the efficacy of any actions taken. Not surprisingly, this doesn’t promise to be smooth or “by the book”, but that’s the point; different groups have different perspectives, vocabulary, expectations, and goals, even if we’re all faithfully pulling towards the same goal of shipping.

Participating in this session:

  • Nafisa Bhojawala, UX Team Lead for Compute, Google Cloud Platform
  • Kintan Brahmbhatt, Head of Product Management, Amazon Music
  • David Gatto, Strategic Account Executive, Smartsheet
  • Dave Sifry, CTO, MyVillage
  • Wendy Spies, Director of Business Development for Data and AI

The discussion and activities will illustrate a few best (and probably a few worst) practices. You’ll walk away with a new found understanding for your colleagues and a new sense of ways to make the fit between your different roles clearer and more effective.