Videoconference recording: “Treating Diversity & Inclusion in Hiring as a Design Problem” with Libby Maurer, December 5, 11am ET

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    There’s no silver bullet to building a diverse and inclusive organization at scale. So how do you know what things to try, and what’s working and what isn’t? Our UX team used our user research chops to look at this problem in a user-centered way. In this session, we’ll share how we married data and qualitative research to identify and fix holes in our recruiting, hiring, and retention practices.
    About Libby

    Libby leads HubSpot’s UX practice with a vision for driving user-centered design with data. She’s also led the team’s diversity and inclusion efforts. Her background includes design research, service design, content strategy, and brand strategy. She studied Journalism and French at the University of Wisconsin, and credits liberal arts education for the diverse worldview she applies to her work. She has a masters in Human Factors from Bentley University.

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