Videoconference: Designing with and for Artificial Intelligence

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  • August 11, 4-5pm ET. Register to attend via Zoom.


    Rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are transforming the world in many ways. For the product designer or design strategy practitioner this megatrend manifests itself in 2 orthogonal dimensions:

    1. AI as a product design material – AI enables solutions that are smarter, faster and can answer questions well beyond human capability alone, but you must deploy them effectively and responsibly to be successful.
    2. AI designing the product for you – AI generation of competent oil paintings and music based solely on a set of input requirements has been repeatedly demonstrated in the past decade. Emerging AIs can design entire digital user experiences, code them, and deploy to the cloud with one button click.

    While AI automation can provide huge benefits in both megatrend dimensions it carries spectacular risk when deployed within life and death systems such as autonomous vehicles and medical products. Concurrently, generative AI for product design carries significant liability risk plus the potential of employment disruption for creative and strategic job careers.

    At our upcoming community videoconference on August 11, 4-5pm ET, Prof. Rosenberg will describe several case studies related to his work within both AI megatrends dimensions.

    August 11, 4-5pm ET. Register to attend via Zoom.

    About Daniel:

    Daniel Rosenberg is the 2019 recipient of the ACM SigCHI Lifetime Practice Award for his combination of technical and leadership contributions to the HCI field over the past 40+ years. After many decades as an executive in the software industry, he transitioned to his current role as a UX consultant and adjunct professor of HCI at San Jose State University. He serves on the advisory board of the Interaction Design Foundation, is the co-leader of the Future of Design Education project Design Methods Working Group and was the “Business of UX” Forum editor in ACM Interactions magazine for 5 years.

    Dan’s recent UX design consulting involves both the use AI to create smart medical products as well as to automate the UX design process itself thereby transforming it into a generative co- creation process between the AI and human designers. To learn more about Dan, his books, other publications and many keynote presentations or just to contact him visit