Videoconference: Leadership & Diversity—A Fireside Chat with Dantley Davis, Chief Design Officer, Twitter

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  • September 17, 4-5pm EDT

    Join here for an invitation to the call. You’ll receive a welcome email with a link to our archive of calls as well as invitations to future calls. Calls and access to recordings are free for all community members.

    Join us for a special “fireside chat” with Dantley Davis, Chief Design Officer at Twitter. We’ll host a live conversation about Dantley’s own path of becoming a design leader, diving into his influences and lessons learned along the way. We’ll also discuss what it means to enable greater inclusivity and diversity in our field, particularly in these momentous times. And as usual, we’ll take your questions during the videoconference itself.

    Prior to joining Twitter, Dantley was at Facebook where he led product design for Stories, News Feed, and Video. He spent 7 years at Netflix, where he was responsible for design and product strategy for television and mobile experiences. His work transformed streaming user interfaces across the SVOD industry. Dantley received his undergrad degree and MBA from the University of San Francisco.