Videoconference: Surviving Your UX Career in Enterprise Design

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    If you’re just getting started in your UX career and find yourself in an enterprise environment, how can you face some of the unique challenges of practicing UX design? What if I’m not a domain expert in my new field? What happens if my team asks me to deliver something they want, but come up with something I think they really need? What if my organization doesn’t have a good process for UX work? We’ll discuss how to deliver professional work without all the resources at your disposal. You’ll learn strategies to tap into your company’s people, processes, and data to shore up the quality of your UX practice.


    About Jessamyn

    Jessamyn Edwards has been a Product Designer for AWS (Amazon Web Services) since 2018. She has designed everything from new services to small features at AWS, and has also designed for the popular GoToMeeting and Autodesk services. Jessamyn co-hosts a podcast called Surviving UX, is a mom of two daughters, and lives in Virginia.