Enterprise Experience Community Videoconference: Enterprise UX Playbook with Alexandra Schmidt, author of Deliberate Intervention

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  • Register to attend via Zoom, December 1, 4-5pm ET

    Many of the most successful software development practices — like agile and UX — emerged in the consumer facing private sector. Think Airbnb, Spotify, Uber. But what happens when we try to map those practices onto large enterprises that typically serve internal employees rather than the public? For example, are UX’ers prepared to think about how large systems connect and interact? How about the challenges of HR and roles and responsibilities? Challenges such as these are highly relevant in enterprise spaces, and perhaps even more so in the public sector where systems are often quite old and ways of working have calcified. This talk will focus on “gaps” in Enterprise UX, and how we might seek to close them.

    Alex Schmidt is the author of our new title, Deliberate Intervention.

    As a researcher and UX designer, Alex has worked both for agencies and in the public sector. While much of her design work has been consumer facing, her greatest interest lies in the wicked problems inherent in enterprise design and the mysterious ways of large systems. These are all areas she has delved into as a product strategist for The Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

    Alex enjoys working in and around public service because it reflects a personally held value that humanity is better off when people work together to solve collective problems. Register to attend via Zoom, December 1, 4-5pm ET