Free Videoconference: Shadow Design–Where Else is Design Happening in Your Organization?

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  • April 20, 8am PT/11am ET – Register to attend.

    Companies are spending millions of dollars on shadow design teams (aka non-designers doing design work). This session is to share the concept and the tools we’ve used to measure how much shadow design is happening in a client’s organization. Plus, a case study with some surprising results, and how a design leader used it to grow her team after months of banging her head against a wall.

    An interesting and perhaps more productive way to approach the “ROI of Design” conversation.


    Audrey is a Partner at DesignMap, a design consultancy focused on SaaS strategy and design.

    Audrey jump started her career in technology at Netscape Communications, working with luminaries like Hugh Dubberly and Marty Cagan. Since then, she’s had the great fortune to provide strategic and design support to clients like Cisco, Docker, Bloomberg, Google, and Octave Bioscience.

    Audrey is passionate about helping leaders understand what design is and how to leverage it to the benefit of their organizations and customers. She’s author of the book “What CEOs Need to Know About Design: A business leader’s guide to working with designers.”

    April 20, 8am PT/11am ET – Register to attend.