Free Videoconference: Design Systems for Ethical Design with Craig Villamor, UX Design Leader & Consultant

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  • January 26, 4-5pm ET. Register to attend via Zoom.


    Design systems, processes and guidelines have made UI design more consistent and more efficient from concept to implementation, but what comes after better and faster design? In this talk Craig will challenge UX practitioners to take on perhaps the most pressing issue in technology today – creating more ethical design.
    In this session, you’ll learn:
    • Why unethical design is commonplace, what it looks like, and how it impacts society.
    • Why you should care about ethical design and why your employer should too.
    • What changes you should consider to create more ethical design.

    About our speaker:

    Craig Villamor is a UX designer, leader, consultant and advisor from the San Francisco Bay Area who enjoys wrestling with complex problems in finance, transportation, climate, and enterprise. Craig led the UX team at Salesforce that redesigned Salesforce’s core product experience and developed one of the earliest modern design systems, Lightning Design System. At Google, Craig led the team responsible for making mobility safer, more efficient, and more accessible with driving, transit, and embedded vehicle experiences for Google Maps. When he’s not designing stuff, he enjoys cycling, traveling and spending time with his family of people and pets.

    January 26, 4-5pm ET. Register to attend via Zoom.