Imagination Work Meets Remote Work: Reflections on Collaboration with MURAL’s Mariano Suarez-Battan

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  • Mariano Suarez-Battan is the co-founder and CEO of MURAL, a tool for remote collaboration—and longtime partner/sponsor of Rosenfeld Media’s conferences. MURAL was founded in 2011 after Mariano experienced first-hand the struggle of working remotely with a large, distributed team while designing video games. In this episode of the Rosenfeld Review, Mariano and Lou discuss the challenges of collaboration among remote teams and how platforms like MURAL can level the playing field between coworkers, often flattening hierarchies and changing culture in the process. Mariano also shares his predictions about how workplaces will operate five years in the future.

    MURAL is sponsoring all three of Rosenfeld Media conferences this year: Advancing Research, Enterprise Experience, and DesignOps Summit Be sure to stop by their booth!




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