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Videoconference: Building a New Home for the Atlassian Design System

Join here for an invitation to the call. You’ll receive a welcome email with a link to our archive of

Videoconference: Leadership & Diversity—A Fireside Chat with Dantley Davis, Chief Design Officer, Twitter

We’ll host a live conversation about Dantley’s own path of becoming a design leader, diving into his influences and lessons learned along the way.

Videoconference: The Atypical UX Manager Path

For this month’s call we’re convening a 3-person panel to share diverse stories and paths of becoming a UX managerfrom writing, to print/graphic design, and even theater!

Videconference: How to Work with Difficult People with Tutti Taygerly

As creators, we know the value of curiosity. As communicators, we know the value of relationships. Join us to build on existing product skills to work better with difficult people. 

Videoconference: Insider preview of Enterprise Experience 2020

During our May 28 community videoconference (4-5pm EDT) we will provide a live interactive preview of some “in development” material from the upcoming EX2020 virtual conference happening later this year (Aug 31 – Sept 3).

Videoconference: Unique challenges of innovation in enterprises with Laura Klein

In this talk, Laura Klein, author of “Build Better Products” and “UX for Lean Startups” shares some tips for companies who want to find new business models before the old ones stop working.

Videoconference recording: Fostering Trust in Your Brand and Beyond with Margot Bloomstein

Margot will walk you through examples from retail, publishing, government, and other industries to detail what you can do to meet unprecedented problems in information consumption. Learn how voice, volume, and vulnerability can inform your design and content strategy to earn the trust of your users.

Videoconference recording: Evaluating the Maturity of UX in Your Organization with Susan Weinschenk

Whether you are part of a start-up and therefore just starting in on UX in the organization, part of an established UX team, or anywhere in between, it can be useful to step back now and then and ask questions such as:
How mature is our UX practice?
Where are we “at” in the maturity process?
How would being more mature help us?
What is the next step for us?
How can we best, but also realistically, move forward?

Videoconference recording: Enterprise Information Architecture with Bram Wessel

We hear a lot of talk about “digital transformation.” But isn’t that what we’ve been doing since the Web emerged in the late 1990s? Why is this still so aspirational for so many organizations? In his consulting practice with Factor, Bram Wessel sees first-hand how enterprise-scale organizations are awakening to the reality that the information itself that drives experiences and gets implemented in technologies —the Information Layer, if you will— is increasingly a tangible organizational asset. As such, it’s as critical as any other kind of infrastructure. Bram joins Lou to ponder where we’ve been and where we might be headed in the realm of enterprise information architecture.

Videoconference recording: “Treating Diversity & Inclusion in Hiring as a Design Problem” with Libby Maurer, December 5, 11am ET

There’s no silver bullet to building a diverse and inclusive organization at scale. So how do you know what things to try, and what’s working and what isn’t? Our UX team used our user research chops to look at this problem in a user-centered way. In this session, we’ll share how we married data and qualitative research to identify and fix holes in our recruiting, hiring, and retention practices.

Videoconference recording: “A Practical Look at Creating More Usable Enterprise Customer Journeys” with Sean Dolan, October 31 11am ET

Calls recordings are free for all community members. Join here for an invitation. As practitioners, we are often asked to craft

Videoconference recording available: “Digital Medicine Design” with Daniel Rosenberg

This webinar will cover the similarities between digital medicine design and Enterprise UX. You will be surprised to see how much they have in common as well as what else you need to know to enter this cutting-edge UX domain.

Upcoming videoconference: November 14 11am ET, “Designing Conversational Interfaces” with Greg Nudelman

In this informal session followed by extensive Q&A, Greg Nudelman, the author of 5 UX design books, veteran presenter, and designer of conversational UIs on 5 different projects in a variety of industries will discuss key aspects of the conversational bot experience and conversational UI best practices.

Videoconference recording now available: “Growing in Enterprise Design through Making Connections” with Nick Cochran

This talk will highlight how Nick has used this ability, featuring examples of connections made and some he wished were made sooner. He will also share some practical methods to collect these data points so that more valuable connections can be made.

Videoconference recording available: “Problems with Problems: Reconsidering the Frame of Designing as Problem-Solving” with Hugh Dubberly

As the information revolution increases scale and shifts the focus of designing to complex adaptive systems,
problem-solving increasingly misses the mark; design needs a new frame.

Videoconference recording: “SAFe or Sorry?” with Jack Moffett

In this community call, Jack Moffett will facilitate a discussion about SAFe and the UX team’s place in it. How does it differ from straight Agile, what are the challenges designers will be facing, and how can we ensure that we can do quality work for our users? Will we be SAFe or sorry?

Videoconference recording now available: Leading Distributed Global Teams with Kim Lenox

Community members have access to all past recordings. Join here. Kim Lenox currently heads up the product design organization at

Videoconference Recording now Available: Design as an Antidote to VUCA, May 9, 11am ET with Jorge Arango

Join Two Waves author Jorge Arango for a Q&A about how design can help organizations thrive by reducing volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

Videoconference recording now available: “Just Build Me a Dashboard!” with Theresa Neil

We’ll look at which charts to use when, creating accessible color palettes, and preview some new visualizations Theresa Neil has been testing in enterprise organizations. 

Videoconference recording now available: “Merging Improv with Design” with Cheryl Platz, March 7

Join Cheryl for a Q&A session to ask questions about Cheryl’s DesignOps Summit 2018 improv talk, questions about improv theory, or how to apply improvisational techniques to your storytelling and facilitation.

Videoconference recap – January 31, Simon Wardley

In this discussion with Simon Wardley of the Leading Edge Forum, we looked at the subject of maps and topographical intelligence and whether they apply to business. The recording and transcript are available for all EX Community Members.

Videoconference recap – January 10, Jeff Gothelf

Lean expert and author Jeff Gothelf joined us on 1/10/19 to take your questions and talk about the intersection of lean and design in general. The recording is available to our EX Community members via Dropbox. Not a member? Register at the top of this page for access.