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Nancy Douyon – Making Uber More Efficient: Informed International Insights

What is the cost of our quick fixes to our customers? Nancy Douyon, International Research Lead at Uber, talks about how having a nobility complex can hinder your UX design, and how you can build for scale.

John Taschek – Making People the X-Factor in the Enterprise

How do we bring back humanity to technology? John Taschek explains how his role as the Senior Vice President of Strategy at Salesforce focuses on people first, and how you can bring these principles into your UX design.

INVEST Panel Discussion – Enterprise UX 2018

Organizational silos compound those challenges exponentially. Listen to our speakers from our INVEST theme at Enterprise UX 2018 to learn what you can do to quantify the value of UX across an enterprise organization.

Dorelle Rabinowitz – The Magic Word is Trust

How do you build genuine relationships in the workplace? Dorelle Rabinowitz, the Senior Director of Global Design for Paypal, discussed how to build the “trust” muscle to transform your work life from the inside out at Enterprise UX 2018.

Patañjali Chary – How to Identify & Increase your “Experience Quotient”

Why do designs often end up sitting on a shelf? Patañjali Chary, Vice President of User Experience at Ellie Mae, discusses how asking the right questions can help get everyone invested in UX.

JJ Kercher – A Roadmap for Maturing Design in the Enterprise

What is a UX maturity model – and how does that model help you grow from a start-up company to

COMMUNICATE Panel Discussion – Enterprise UX 2018

How do you communicate the value of UX, especially across the broad scope of an enterprise level org? Watch top enterprise UX designers discuss audience questions about how to apply communication strategies in the real world.

Janaki Kumar – Innovate with Purpose

Janaki Kumar, Design Evangelist in the Office of the Chief Design Officer at SAP speaks about how changing the relationship between work and employment – and the role of business in society – can free people up to innovate with purpose.

Jim Kalbach – Mapping Real World Experiences

UX mapping can be applied to so much more than design work. At Enterprise UX 2018, Jim Kalbach, Head of Customer Experience at MURAL, spoke about how UX mapping became integral in changing the minds of former members of some of the most dangerous hate groups in the world.

JD Buckley – Communicating the ROI of UX

How do you calculate the return on investment (ROI) for an enterprise-level organization – and if it can be, what would it take? At Enterprise UX 2018, JD Buckley, of ADP, discussed how UX designers can communicate their value in a way that businesses can understand.

Storytelling Sessions – Enterprise UX 2018

It’s story time! Pull up a chair and listen to real enterprise designers at EUX 2018. Listen in as they share stories of difficulties, horror stories, and experiences that influenced them as UX designers.

BUILD Panel Discussion – Enterprise UX 2018

How do you build products with meaning, impact, and that ultimately are a force for good? Watch top enterprise UX designers discuss how they’ve built products and teams with a bigger vision in mind.

Marina Martin – The Stakes of UX at the Scale of Government

At Enterprise UX 2018, Marina Martin shared how her one simple idea – asking a veteran how to navigate the VA online – ended up changing the game for millions of veterans awaiting care.

Mariah Hay – Ethics in Tech Education: Designing to Provide Opportunity for All

At Enterprise UX 2018, Mariah Hay of Pluralsight discussed the ethical considerations that every designer should apply to their work.

Husani Oakley – Bias Towards Action: Building Teams that Build Work

How can you bring your team together so that everyone’s on the same page when building products? At Enterprise UX 2018, Husani Oakley, SVP and Director of Technology at Deutsch, discussed his career failures and how they led him to build teams that build products.