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Keeping Up with Rapid Growth—From Startup to Enterprise with Kit Unger

Kit Unger started her UX career as a “team of one,” and now manages a team of over 30 people as Senior Director of Experience Design at Smartsheet. We’re excited to have her as the leader of a group of presentations on “Keeping Up with Rapid Growth – From Startup to Enterprise” at Enterprise Experience 2020.

Better Together: Partnering with Others to Transform Enterprise

Best Buy’s Jamie Kaspszak and USAA’s Frank Duran join Lou and Bob Baxley to discuss how UX plays a critical role in bridging their organizations’ silos and disciplines.

Through the Looking Glass—The Outsider’s Perspective on the Enterprise with Dan Willis

Dan Willis is Director of Customer Experience at the General Services Administration’s Centers of Excellence, and the mastermind behind past Enterprise Experience conferences’ wildly-popular “Storytelling Sessions.”

Designing with Outcomes in Mind: Transformation in the Enterprise with Lada Gorlenko

Lada began her career in prison, spending lots of time with murderers and drug dealers! Not what you think, though: she was a psychologist researching the personality changes caused by long-term imprisonment. The experience led her to a better understanding of how universally transferable the principles of research and design are, whether in a prison or at an enterprise. In this episode of the Rosenfeld Review, Lada shares her career path and the story of how she ended up in UX, and the themes she’s developed for the upcoming Enterprise Experience conference.

Imagination Work Meets Remote Work: Reflections on Collaboration with MURAL’s Mariano Suarez-Battan

In this episode of the Rosenfeld Review, Mariano and Lou discuss the challenges of collaboration among remote teams and how platforms like MURAL can level the playing field between coworkers, often flattening hierarchies and changing culture in the process.

Solving Big Problems: Examining the Value of Creativity and Diversity with #EX19 Curator Dave Sifry

From how creativity in an institution can create more innovation company-wide, to the importance of team diversity, Dave brings a wide range of perspectives to this year’s conference curation team.

System-Thinking in Team Building: Insights from EX2019 Curator Sam McAfee

Sam McAfee is not a UX guy, which is why we’ve asked him to be one of our curators for Enterprise Experience 2019. This year’s program is designed to help UX leaders align, collaborate, and cooperate with peers from other functions in the enterprise—like engineering and product management, two areas Sam knows better than most.

Deconstructing the Enterprise & Organizational Design: A Talk with Adam Connor

What happens when you take apart the individual pieces that make up the design of your organization? And, more importantly, how do you make it better? That’s where Organizational Design comes into play.

Fourth Order of Design and the Enterprise: a Talk with Richard Buchanan

Enterprises present complex challenges for designers and, really, everyone in a large org. Lou talks with Dick Buchanan about his pioneering work around the “fourth order of design,” and how design and systems thinking are related.

Digital Governance in the Enterprise: A Talk with Lisa Welchman

Lou talks with Lisa Welchman, digital governance expert and author, who explains the two big factors that lead to governance failures.

The Enterprise Elephant: A Chat with Milan Guenther

The fable of The Blind Man and the Elephant is a favorite here at Rosenfeld Media. But how does that apply to enterprise design?

Crafting Enterprise-Level User Experience: A Chat with Theresa Neil

What goes into crafting a truly amazing enterprise-level user experience? Theresa Neil, founder of Strategy + Design, discusses the unique UX challenges faced by enterprise-level clients.

Government to Enterprise: Research Operations at Scale

If you want to make sustainable change, you have to dive deeper into the organization. Leisa Reichelt shares how she built and lead user research teams for the Australian and UK governments and how she’s continuing her work at Atlassian as Head of Research and Insights.