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Dear Uday, What is a UX strategy I could use in the enterprise while working remotely with no connection to the end user?

Whew! That’s a certainly a tough situation, no question! If I can read between the lines a little bit here, seems the fundamental issue is around three critical, interrelated axes: presence, influence, and access. Getting access to the right end-users so you can run useful studies is essential – but in organizations not yet fully understanding and fluent in the value of user research, it’s dependent on your ability to communicate the value and build up trust.

Dear Uday, How can I influence designers who don’t want to learn or grow?

Your question reminds me of the critical question a mentor posed to me as I was weighing a few job offers: “Are you earning, learning, and burning?”

Dear Uday: What do I do when stakeholders expect me to “design it like they do on Amazon”?

August #DesignOpsAdvice: What to do when stakeholders expect you to “design it like it is on Amazon” 

What are your burning Enterprise Experience questions?

What’s your burning question about Enterprise User Experience Design? Our advice columnist, Uday Gajendar (UX Architect at Automation Anywhere) can answer—or find someone who can!