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Keeping Up with Rapid Growth—From Startup to Enterprise with Kit Unger

Kit Unger started her UX career as a “team of one,” and now manages a team of over 30 people as Senior Director of Experience Design at Smartsheet. We’re excited to have her as the leader of a group of presentations on “Keeping Up with Rapid Growth – From Startup to Enterprise” at Enterprise Experience 2020.

Better Together: Partnering with Others to Transform Enterprise

Best Buy’s Jamie Kaspszak and USAA’s Frank Duran join Lou and Bob Baxley to discuss how UX plays a critical role in bridging their organizations’ silos and disciplines.

Through the Looking Glass—The Outsider’s Perspective on the Enterprise with Dan Willis

Dan Willis is Director of Customer Experience at the General Services Administration’s Centers of Excellence, and the mastermind behind past Enterprise Experience conferences’ wildly-popular “Storytelling Sessions.”

Designing with Outcomes in Mind: Transformation in the Enterprise with Lada Gorlenko

Lada began her career in prison, spending lots of time with murderers and drug dealers! Not what you think, though: she was a psychologist researching the personality changes caused by long-term imprisonment. The experience led her to a better understanding of how universally transferable the principles of research and design are, whether in a prison or at an enterprise. In this episode of the Rosenfeld Review, Lada shares her career path and the story of how she ended up in UX, and the themes she’s developed for the upcoming Enterprise Experience conference.

Imagination Work Meets Remote Work: Reflections on Collaboration with MURAL’s Mariano Suarez-Battan

In this episode of the Rosenfeld Review, Mariano and Lou discuss the challenges of collaboration among remote teams and how platforms like MURAL can level the playing field between coworkers, often flattening hierarchies and changing culture in the process.

What are your burning Enterprise Experience questions?

What’s your burning question about Enterprise User Experience Design? Our advice columnist, Uday Gajendar (UX Architect at Automation Anywhere) can answer—or find someone who can!

New Workshop Added to the EX19 Conference Lineup on June 5

Theresa Neil and Jes Reynolds will cover best practices, tips and tricks, and you’ll get your hands dirty fixing some egregious dashboards.

Apply for a Scholarship to Enterprise Experience 2019

High-quality conferences can be expensive—especially for those from underserved groups. So we’re offering three scholarships to deserving candidates. Each scholarship

Now Accepting Nominations for Speakers at Enterprise Experience 2019

We’re seeking nominations and applications for Enterprise Experience presentations and speakers. Nominations are due by EOD Sunday, February 10. Selections will be announced in mid-March.

Videoconference recap – January 31, Simon Wardley

In this discussion with Simon Wardley of the Leading Edge Forum, we looked at the subject of maps and topographical intelligence and whether they apply to business. The recording and transcript are available for all EX Community Members.

Milan Guenther – Intersection: How Enterprise Design Bridges the Gap between Business, Technology, and People

Facing challenges at the intersection of business models, technical developments and human needs, enterprises must overcome the siloed thinking and isolated efforts of the past, and instead address relationships to people holistically.

Videoconference recap – January 10, Jeff Gothelf

Lean expert and author Jeff Gothelf joined us on 1/10/19 to take your questions and talk about the intersection of lean and design in general. The recording is available to our EX Community members via Dropbox. Not a member? Register at the top of this page for access.

Nancy Douyon – Making Uber More Efficient: Informed International Insights

What is the cost of our quick fixes to our customers? Nancy Douyon, International Research Lead at Uber, talks about how having a nobility complex can hinder your UX design, and how you can build for scale.

Storytelling Sessions – Enterprise UX 2018

It’s story time! Pull up a chair and listen to real enterprise designers at EUX 2018. Listen in as they share stories of difficulties, horror stories, and experiences that influenced them as UX designers.

BUILD Panel Discussion – Enterprise UX 2018

How do you build products with meaning, impact, and that ultimately are a force for good? Watch top enterprise UX designers discuss how they’ve built products and teams with a bigger vision in mind.

Marina Martin – The Stakes of UX at the Scale of Government

At Enterprise UX 2018, Marina Martin shared how her one simple idea – asking a veteran how to navigate the VA online – ended up changing the game for millions of veterans awaiting care.

Crafting Enterprise-Level User Experience: A Chat with Theresa Neil

What goes into crafting a truly amazing enterprise-level user experience? Theresa Neil, founder of Strategy + Design, discusses the unique UX challenges faced by enterprise-level clients.