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ADHD: A DesignOps Superpower

After speaking with several colleagues in the DesignOps space, Jessica noticed a trend. Many of them, like herself, had ADHD. Another Observation: DesignOps is a field where those with ADHD can thrive. People with ADHD are often best suited to jobs that are purposeful, fast-paced, allow autonomy and involve lots of variety (as well as risk taking). The characteristics of empathy, energy, passion, and hyper focus under pressure which come with ADHD, make ADHD a DesignOps superpower. Don’t have ADHD? Come learn more about how to work well with some of your colleagues who do!


  • An understanding of the types of skills and personality traits that are beneficial in a DesignOps role. 
  • How to encourage neurodiverse hiring practices. 
  • How to inspire and empower individuals to consider a career in Design Operations.