Brendan Grier
Business Development Manager, Rosenfeld Media

Brendan comes to Rosenfeld Media with a passion for digital media and emerging technology, with multifaceted expertise in advertising sales, digital marketing, and strategy. Throughout his two decade career he has stayed committed to client service, creating growth-based strategies to address long-term profitability and working to amplify client missions.

With experience in B2B and B2C development roles for The New York Times, the Journal Nature and Scientific American, Brendan’s breadth of publishing experience and diversity of advertising product knowledge affords him an ability to foster ideas that become winning media campaigns.

In addition to having a deep knowledge of a wide range of media strategies and products he has also collaborated with a multitude of companies in the industry segments of Kitchen & Bath, Real Estate and the Life Sciences and now looks forward to becoming an Industry expert for the UX design market with the intent to best service his sponsorship client base.