Workshop: Creating Career Ladders for DesignOps

Sponsored Locations October 25, 2019 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

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Brennan Hartich
Amanda Weisfeld

Across the Design community we all have our own versions of what DesignOps is. We have varying titles and each company leverages DesignOps differently. We have been called producers, design program managers (DPMs), project coordinators, executive producers, design operations managers and the list goes on. As the DesignOps industry matures and grows we need to address the needs around career leveling, lack of role clarity, and growth plans for our team so DesignOps is not just seen as a support function but as a strategic design craft.

This workshop with Brennan Hartich and Amanda Weisfeld will provide you with the tools to create custom profiles for you or your team. It doesn’t matter if you are a design team of 5 or 500, this workshop will allow us to align on career path/leveling, create parity in the industry, and make the craft more concrete, defensible, and a true design capability.


  • A custom tailored DesignOps career ladder framework
  • DesignOps elevator pitch – what value we bring to the organization
  • Clarity between DesignOps vs other roles in your organization
  • How you can invest in you or your team’s growth

Who Should Attend

This is for people who are:

  • Taking on a DesignOps role and want to know where to start
  • Heading up and/or looking to grow their team
  • Looking to scale their craft and want to better understand what their career growth can look like
  • Wanting to define the DesignOps role to stakeholders

How the day will go

Part 1: Creating industry parity

  • DesignOps responsibilities vs other roles such as design managers, TPMs, PMO, etc.
  • DesignOps elevator pitch – how DesignOps adds value to organizations
  • How your organization currently values your teams vs how you want to be valued in the future

Part 2: Creating career ladders

  • Program management vs business operations vs design – what should the role entail at each level
  • Exercise – creating a career ladder for your team


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