Why Sponsor?

The first and foremost conference on Design Operations and Research Operations.

What Makes the DesignOps Summit Special

Meet the top talent

Last year’s DesignOps Summit drew over 700 attendees–—an astounding 72% of which were leaders, managers, and founders. These are the professionals who will be creating and running the industry’s design and research operations for years to come.

Demonstrate your leadership and support

While attendance has quickly grown, DesignOps and ResearchOps remain relatively new areas. Sponsoring puts you on the map as one of the first companies that truly understands their significance and supports the community as it defines the practice.

Partner with conference professionals who are passionate about UX

Rosenfeld Media has curated and produced some of the UX world’s game-changing conferences, as well as publishing its best-loved books. We are UX people, and we care deeply about crafting and ensuring a rewarding sponsor experience.

Talk with the buyers

From selecting prototyping tools and research platforms to hiring consultants and agencies, our attendees are shaping and building the infrastructures that run design operations for the world’s largest companies and brands.

Keep up with the conversation and the community

Rosenfeld Media hosts free monthly DesignOps/ResearchOps community videoconferences which draw as many as 200 participants. Join us to continue participating in the conversation and engaging with its leaders.

Past Sponsors and Exhibitors

What Our Sponsors and Exhibitors Say

We’ve been honored to be involved with DesignOps as a sponsor. It’s a wonderful event organized by an incredibly supportive team that provides plenty of opportunities for us to connect with our community and our customers, to learn and to have fun.
— Alannah Novah, Brand Marketing Manager, Optimal Workshop
Sponsoring a workshop for last year's DesignOps summit provided us with an excellent opportunity to contribute to the flourishing DesignOps community and support the work of designers beyond our own organization. Rosenfeld Media was great to work with in handling the operational details of hosting a workshop and was generous in providing complimentary passes to members of our team so more of our people could participate in the summit and workshops than had been able to previously. Through sponsoring we had the opportunity to give to a community we hold dear and in the end we received more than we gave.
— Brian Hochhalter, Director of Design Operations, Macmillan Learning