Good news: we’ve sold out of our regular tickets to the DesignOps Summit. (It’s absolutely fantastic that so many people are interested in design and research operations!)

And more good news: we’ve found a way to accommodate additional attendees with a new class of ticket—we’re calling them “New Yorker” tickets—which are a little less expensive than regular tickets. Here’s the deal:

  • “New Yorker” ticket holders can attend the conference presentations in the Auditorium (and, of course, register for available workshops).
  • However, due to capacity constraints, “New Yorker” ticket holders won’t be admitted to the Great Hall, where we’ll have breakfast, lunch, and snack breaks, our sponsors, and some of our social activities.

In effect, you’ll be able to attend the conference, but when it comes to breakfast, lunch, and snacks, you’ll partake in the countless restaurants and cafes within a few minutes’ walk from the Auditorium. Just like a true New Yorker.

Please contact us with any questions; we hope you’ll join us in Manhattan in November!