Prioritization: Beyond Getting Things Done

November 9, 2018 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

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Harry Max


Prioritization: Beyond Getting Things Done

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Prioritizing? Just stay focused on what’s most important, right? Yeah, this works with errands and laundry. But it quickly falls apart when you’re managing large design teams where the actions of one group affect the timeframes of another group in complex ways—or when you’re in the middle of a major initiative, and all your priorities are “Priority 1’s.” With this full-day session, you’ll walk out the door with a new set of tools to carve out what’s important, and a new way to get everyone out of the weeds and talking about what matters most.

This interactive session will cover:

  • Tendencies of the Human Brain
  • How priorities drive everything
  • Prioritizing vs planning
  • Prioritizing vs. GTD
  • Other tools and why they fail
  • Creating a shared reality
  • Process for successful prioritization
  • Problem prioritization tools
  • Strategic prioritization tools
  • Collaborating for clarity tools
  • Avoiding common pitfalls
  • Expanding the skillset

Who this workshop is for

Come to this workshop if:

  • You’re in the throes of an Agile transformation.
  • You’re designing in high-stakes situations where failure is not an option.
  • Your role involves working with executives, operational leaders, or product managers.
  • You feel like you’re working too hard to get things delivered right.
  • You want to make wiser decisions to manage complexity better.

What you will get

You’ll leave this workshop with a new understanding about how priorities drive decisions, action, and outcomes. You’ll have a powerful toolset to counteract the way the human brain make proper prioritizing difficult. And you pack a set of frameworks that will help you build a shared reality with every team you work with, as well as lead complex projects with ninja-like ease.

In addition, when you get back to work or home, you’ll have a:

  • Working understanding of the DEGAP prioritization process.
  • Digital, scalable version of the Max Prioritization Pyramid.
  • Workbook that contains the essential models and frameworks.
  • Refined set of skills for leading in complex, Agile environments.

How the day will go

  • The Invisible Driver
    • Why priority successes and failures are invisible
    • Case examples
    • Discussion
  • Core Know-How (knowledge)
    • Determining criteria, filtering and ranking
    • Frameworks for prioritization
    • DEGAP – a repeatable, consistent process for prioritization
    • Basic techniques: force ranking, pair-wise comparison, dot voting
    • Discussion
  • Core Do-How (tools)
    • Back-planning
    • Boot routine
    • Backlog
    • Prioritization Pyramid
    • Discussion
  • Apply
    • Prioritization Pyramid
    • Avoiding pitfalls
    • Techniques for communicating
    • Discussion