Designing a ResearchOps Strategy

November 9, 2018 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

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Kate Towsey


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Designing a ResearchOps Strategy

Over the past decade, the pressures placed on user researchers have grown. Research teams require more rigorous operational support so they can meet organizational and industry requirements, work more effectively and cohesively across teams, focus on what they do best, and allow the organization to make the most of their specialized skills.

ResearchOps is rising to address these needs, but most efforts fall short because they focus on individual elements and tools rather than stepping back and viewing the broader ecosystem. We need to see ResearchOps as an ecosystem that supports researchers and the organisation in the full research workflow.

Designing a ResearchOps Strategy will equip you with a strategy for building out a ResearchOps function that fits the scale and maturity of your organization, and supports your researchers. You’ll learn how to see ResearchOps as part of an ecosystem rather than as a series of disparate elements or tools.

You’ll walk out of this workshop with a clear sense of:

  1. All the pieces of the “ResearchOps pie” that you must consider in developing your strategy (e.g. data security, training, recruitment, tools and infrastructure)
  2. A manageable roadmap that provides approaches for the short-, medium-, and long-term stages of building out a ResearchOps function.
  3. A list of stakeholders you should expect to work with at each stage, and strategies for working with them
  4. What to expect in terms of the time and resources you need to implement each slice of your ResearchOps pie

Who will benefit

This workshop is for you if you’re:

  • Heading up (or growing) a large team of researchers and want to better support them operationally
  • Taking on a ResearchOps role and want to know where to start
  • Pitching the need for a ResearchOps role to stakeholders
  • Hiring a ResearchOps role into your organization and need to understand the function better


You’ll walk out with an excellent understanding of what ResearchOps is, a custom, early-level strategy for how to structure ResearchOps in your organisation, and an actionable plan for where to start.