Workshop: Scaling Design Through the Balanced Team Approach

Mastercard: 114 5th Avenue, NY, NY November 8, 2017 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Johanna Kollmann
Gareth Visagie

Once upon a time, we designed websites that were sitting on a limited stack of technology that you could get your head around easily. Nowadays, we design products consisting of increasingly complex, scalable systems. And that means designers face substantial new challenges:

  • We have to consider multiple channels, APIs, and internal tools
  • Because engineers usually own the process of architecting these systems, it’s challenging for designers to have an impact
  • In addition to their product teams, we must collaborate with customer support, marketing or sales in order to be effective

In this workshop, we will teach you how to use a balanced team approach to bridge the gap between design and other teams. We’ll cover:

  • Techniques for impacting system architecture and backend development so we can design products driven by design and user needs
  • Processes and tools for incorporating design in an agile product process so we can spread holistic design thinking across the team
  • Tips for collaborating with customer success and sales teams so we can capture customer insights and enhance visibility
  • Providing relief for an overstretched design team

Who this workshop is for

Come to this workshop if:

  • You and your team are working with other disciplines, especially engineering, and are involved in delivering products and services
  • You’re in a position to impact team structure, process and planning in your organization
  • You’re a consultant or work in an agency, and get involved with your clients’ engineering teams