We’re offering a rare opportunity to dive deeply into design operations—three day-long workshops with four fantastic instructors:

  1. Creating and Maintaining Successful Design Systems (with Brad Frost): Style guides? Design systems? Lot to consider, and lots of missteps to avoid. Fortunately, we’ve got Brad—the father of atomic design—on hand to help you untangle this mess. (more info)
  2. Scaling Up Your Research Operations the WeWork Way (with Tomer Sharon): Tomer and his team at WeWork have created Polaris, a ground-breaking system for managing user research at scale—not to mention sussing out major insights from the data. He’ll show you how you might pull off something similar in your own organization. (more info)
  3. Scaling Design Through the Balanced Team Approach (with Johanna Kollmann and Gareth Visagie): Bridging development and design is always challenging. Doing so in the context of a large organization makes it even harder. That’s why the Balanced Team approach is gaining steam; Johanna and Gareth will show you how it can help you bridge these yawning gaps. (more info)

These workshops take place Wednesday, November 8, and will be hosted by the generous folks at Mastercard, IBM, and Postlight. If you’re registered, we’ll send you details for your workshop’s location as the conference approaches.