We’ve been hard at work finalizing the speaker line-up for the first DesignOps Summit—and getting ready to launch the program as well. We’re itching to share it with you, and we’re close, but give us another week or so to put the finishing touches on it.

We can tell you that we’re building the program around three main themes:

  1. What Design has had to learn about Operations: We’ll learn from speakers who work at organizations that have a strong design tradition, and now have grown to a size where they are grappling with operationalizing design
  2. What Operations can teach DesignOps: We’ll learn from speakers who are experienced in more mature varieties of operations from outside the design world—they can really teach us how to be successful with operations
  3. What Operations has had to learn about Design: We’ll learn from speakers who work at organizations which may be strong in other operational aspects, and are now trying to operationalize design 

The program will also feature a collaborative component. Given that DesignOps is a new frontier, we want attendees to have ample opportunities to meet each other and work together on framing and identifying DesignOps’ big challenges.

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