Videoconference: DesignOps and The Great Talent War of 2021

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    Thursday, August 19, 4-5pm ET

    Lots of organizations are hiring aggressively while, at the same time, turnover is at an all-time high among the design community.

    Join us for an interactive workshop to explore how DesignOps as a function must shape the recruiting, hiring, and retention process during the “Great Resignation.”

    We’ll be breaking into groups with specific focus and then reconvening to share:

    • For hiring managers: What is working well to attract new talent and where are you stuck (e.g. a certain profile of talent, lack of perks, etc.)?

    • For people managers: What strategies are you using to retain your best talent? What are your top folks asking for these days? If you’re on-boarding lots of new folks, what’s helping make that effective and friendly?

    • For everyone else: What’s keeping you in your current role? What would get you to jump ship? If you are looking for a job, what do you want hiring managers to know or improve about the process?