Videoconference recording available: “Start Small for Big Impact” with Saskia Liebenberg

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    Organizations often start thinking about implementing operations support when they get to a certain size – when things start breaking or something goes massively wrong, when it becomes an imperative for existence. But there is massive benefit from building a research ops function much earlier on in your team growth. Saskia Liebenberg will explain how she’s implemented research ops at Deliveroo in a team of 10 researchers, and how she’s used the ResearchOps framework to build a strategy that supports the team in their specific context.

    About Saskia:

    Saskia Liebenberg runs research ops at Deliveroo (a food delivery start-up). Previously, she was a project manager in marketing and design, and comes to research ops from a project / program management angle. In a previous life she was a copy editor – organizing and scheduling things is in her blood! In her free time, she sews clothes and has just added a new puppy in her London household—the best way to meet all your neighbors!

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