Measuring What Matters: The Why, What, Where, When, and How of DesignOps Metrics

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  • June 16, 4pm ET

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    When it comes to DesignOps, it’s a widely-accepted adage that “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. What is less clear, perhaps, are the reasons why metrics matter, which metrics to apply, and how to put those metrics into practice.

    In June’s DesignOps Community Call, we are bringing together a panel of professionals who are well-acquainted with DOs metrics to cover the reasons we need to measure our process changes, goals, and impact. Our speakers will share stories and lessons learned after implementing metrics inside their teams, and most importantly, we will cover how you can measure all the metrics.

    Finally, we will speak about what you can measure and provide some practices on where and how to get started with your own metrics strategy!

    -Changying (Z) Zheng:
    -John Calhoun
    Hosted by DesignOps Community Curators:
    -Farid Sabitov
    -Saara Kamppari-Miller

    After the call, you’ll be added to our free DesignOps Community and notified of future calls!

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