Free Videoconference: Stuck? Diagrams Help. with guest Abby Covert

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  • Date: October 27, 2022 Time: 1pm PT – 2pm PT, 4pm ET – 5pm ET
    This month our DesignOps community will be joined by Abby Covert, a founding member of the Design Operations community, and eMcee for DesignOps ‘18. Abby has two decades of making and teaching diagrams to other people. She is currently on a mission to rid the world of bad diagrams, one diagrammer at a time. And we think the DesignOps could learn a thing or five from her about how we could up our diagram game.

    During this month’s community call Abby will be giving a short talk about Five Not So Secret Superpowers of Diagramming she outlines in her new book Stuck? Diagrams Help.

    To help our community contribute to Accessibility Awareness Month, Abby will also moderate a small group breakout activity highlighting some important lessons about diagram accessibility.

    About Abby

    Abby Covert is an information architect, writer and community organizer with two decades of experience helping people make sense of messes. In addition to being an active mentor to those new to sensemaking, she has also served the design community as President of the Information Architecture Institute, co-chair of Information Architecture Summit, and Executive Producer of the I.D.E.A Conference.
    Abby is a founding faculty member of School of Visual Arts’ Products of Design graduate program. She also managed the team that helped Rosenfeld Media to start both the Design Operations Summit and Advancing Research Conference. Her most proud achievement is having come up with the idea for World Information Architecture Day, bringing accessibly priced education to thousands in their local communities annually.
    Abby has written two popular books, How to Make Sense of Any Mess and Stuck? Diagrams Help. She currently spends her time making things that help you to make the unclear, clear, many of which she makes available for free on her website or at accessible price points in her popular Etsy shop AbbytheIA.
    Abby lives and writes from Melbourne, Florida where her most important job title is “Mom.”