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Videoconference: Talent Acquisition and Our Responsibility

So much of the work around DE&I is intentionality. Recruiting should be happening at all levels at all times, at times latent and at times active. This is the work of an entire organization but as design leaders we can mandate this in our code of ethics. In the conversation we will talk about the ways to be and remain persistent and committed to building diverse internal communities.

Videoconference: Culture Design with Michelle Morrison

Michelle Morrison is a seasoned design operator who loves people-centered problems. She started her Design Ops career at Square.

Videoconference: “8 Types of Measures in Design Operations” with Kristin Skinner and Kamdyn Moore

In this webinar, we’ll identify techniques, tactics, and tools for proving (and even measuring) value, and describing the outcomes that matter most.

Videoconference recording: Scale is Social Work

Ask any design leader and the word scale is most definitely a part of their job description. In this session, Jacqui Frey, Senior Director of Design Operations at Mailchimp, will share her successes and failures with scaling design through DesignOps.

Videoconference recording: Gatekeepers and Servant Leadership with Kevin Bethune

Kevin Bethune is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of dreams • design + life, a “think tank” that delivers design & innovation services using a human-centered approach. 

Videoconference recording: “Leading with Design Operations past and present” with Bob Baxley, December 19, 4pm ET

In this conversation, Bob and Alison will discuss why it’s so hard to hire designers and the criticality of advocacy for the profession in order to attract emerging talent, the myth of the unicorn designer, and in light of all of this why companies are wrong to fight back against the idea of remote design teams.

Videoconference: “Design Maturity and the opportunity space for Design Ops ” with Leah Buley, December 12, 4pm ET

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Videoconference recording: “People, not Petri Dishes: Stories from a Research Recruiter” with Sarit Geertjes

Less than a year ago, we opened an in-house participant recruitment service at Atlassian, a 3,000+ employees tech company, for anyone who wanted to do research. During that year, the team grew to two people, we learned a lot, and then we scaled it back. In this talk, I will share what our main learnings were, the pitfalls of opening a free-for-all recruitment service, and some of my top participant recruitment tips.

Videoconference recording available: September 12, 4pm ET, “Multipurpose Communication & UX Research Marketing” with Molly Fargotstein

Despite our clear value in informing product and advocating for our customers, UX Research (UXR) tends to have a lot to prove within most companies. Collecting lessons and dodging roadblocks along the way, we tested and evolved different methods set out to evangelize UX Research insights, share findings between teams, define and demystify UX Research and prove value for UXR throughout the company. What does that even look like? Molly will tell you.

Recording available, “The State of ResearchOps: More Than Just Theory” with Kate Towsey, 4pm ET June 20

In this talk, Kate will share insight into the state of ResearchOps today, talk about current and potential ResearchOps opportunities and challenges, and share what she thinks the future holds for this emerging practice.

Videoconference: August 8, 4pm ET, Global Research Panels with Wyatt Hayman

In this talk, Wyatt will conduct a deep dive into the Airbnb Global Research Panels, the program he has been developing at Airbnb over the past 2-years.

Videoconference recording available: “Start Small for Big Impact” with Saskia Liebenberg

Organizations often start thinking about implementing operations support when they get to a certain size – when things start breaking or something goes massively wrong, when it becomes an imperative for existence. But there is massive benefit from building a research ops function much earlier on in your team growth. Saskia Liebenberg will explain how she’s implemented research ops at Deliveroo in a team of 10 researchers, and how she’s used the ResearchOps framework to build a strategy that supports the team in their specific context.

Videoconference recording now available: “About Design___ Organizations” with John Maeda

In this session, John Maeda and community co-curator Alison Rand will dive into section 2 of the report and discuss Design Org maturity and how that relates to culture, talent, leaders, systems, and operations.

Videoconference recording available: Results of our program survey

We received 125 responses to our survey on the state of Design and Research Operations, and what you want to see covered at DesignOps Summit 2019 (October 23-25 in Brooklyn, NY). During our next community videoconference, Abby Covert and her conference co-curators will present initial results and lead a discussion on the zeitgeist of DesignOps and how you can participate in this year’s conference program.

Videoconference recording, deck, and chat transcript now available – Distributed DesignOps Management with Jilanna Wilson

Struggling to manage Design Operations in a distributed environment? ZenDesk’s Jilanna Wilson knows your pain; join her for a discussion that’ll cover a variety of topics that are challenging Design and Research Operations managers.

Videoconference recording now available – Research Repositories Reconsidered – February 14th, 11am EST, Michele Marut

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Videoconference recording now available – January 17, Nathan Curtis

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