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Maria Skaaden – Continuous Design – One eye on the horizon and the other on the next wave

How do you create the conditions for delivering a great customer experience on a rapidly changing platform? In 2016, Norway’s national railway company began building a new technology platform. As designers, we yearned to address the customer’s actual needs and desires, not just a fresh look and technical upgrade. But with no process, principles, tools, or internal design resources, where do you start?

DesignOps Summit Closing Keynote – Doug Powell – Design at Scale

Doug Powell, Distinguished Designer at IBM, will expose what it means to practice design at the global tech company, exploring the inner workings of the largest UX design operation in the world.

Hana Nagel – Turning Research Ripples into Waves

By building collaboration, connection and community, you can bring enough people together to turn research ripples into waves.

Courtney Kaplan – Taking it to the Next Level – Career Paths in DesignOps

Courtney Kaplan talks about how you can define opportunities for your team, find the right challenges for talent, and provide support in creating an impactful discipline.

Holly Cole – Understanding Experiences

How do you grow your understanding, internally, to improve your teams? First things first, you have to understand the processes and experiences that are going on right now. That takes research. So, let’s get meta.

Jason Mesut – Shaping Design, Designers and Teams

Jason shares the latest of his work over the past decade developing visual frameworks for design teams, leaders and designers to map their skills and define their future professional development.

Jacqui Frey – Flow and Superfluidity for Design Orgs

Jacqui Frey will show how MailChimp stepped outside of design and drew from patterns in nature and human behavior to envision DesignOps programs, frameworks, systems, and metrics to scale their design organization.

Dan Willis – Filling the Void

When we talk about DesignOps, the focus is frequently on scaling existing design systems and supporting established design teams. But the U.S. Digital Service’s Dan Willis tells a different kind of story about a federal agency that used DesignOps practices to address a multi-million-dollar business problem.

Panel Discussion – Methodologies and Work Environments

How might we implement DesignOps and ResearchOps in an agile environment or team? A distributed team? A small design organization? A massive organization?

Miles Orkin – Creativity and Culture

How do you keep teams inspired, engaged, and intrinsically motivated to deliver meaningful, resonant, innovative work? Miles Orkin, UX Vision and Culture lead for Google Cloud, will describe (and maybe even demonstrate) some key ingredients for cultivating culture.

Jennifer Kanyamibwa – Creating the Blueprint – Growing and Building Design Teams

Building a team is like building a tribe. Jennifer will focus on the complexities, celebrations and challenges of building a design team and what she has learned through the course of her career.

Panel Discussion – Integrating DesignOps

What does it take to integrate DesignOps into your organization? How about ResearchOps? How do you merge strategies, align goals, integrate processes, and connect people to ensure that design and research can be effective and truly scale?

Alëna Iouguina – Designing Systems at Scale

This talk covers the common threads of these failures, how they can be detected and ultimately prevented using various research disciplines – from market research to anthropology to data science. We need to get good at designing and building for systems to tackle multi-dimensional problems at the intersection of people and technology.

Neema Mahdavi – Operationalizing DesignOps

Today’s problems are often yesterday’s solutions—quick fix solutions often perpetuate the problem or circumvent them completely. How can we identify the right opportunities for DesignOps & ensure the processes or programs that emerge are successful?

Mark Boulton – Ops without Designers

Science orgs typically lack designers and for good reason; there is no product. The focus is on data. The currency is discovery. Why spend money on a designer when we need to buy a new microscope? So how do we create a better experience through design for science?

Chris Moses – Stretching the Definition of DesignOps with Product Development

When is DesignOps about more than building tools and systems that improve the effectiveness of R&D? For athenahealth, the DesignOps team has housed two cross-product teams—by organizational necessity at first—that have become critical early adopters of the instruments and programs their DesignOps colleagues have developed.

Panel Discussion – Communicating the Value of DesignOps

How might we define DesignOps for the purpose of selling the idea and communicating its value organization-wide? How might DesignOps and ResearchOps have a measurable impact?

Brennan Hartich – Communicating and Establishing DesignOps as a New Function

In this session, Brennan covers how DesignOps can partner with other functions, how to pick the right programs to tackle first, and how to measure a new team’s success.

Leisa Reichelt – Opening Keynote DesignOps 2018 – Operating in Context

In this talk, Leisa shares her experience of completely resetting her idea of best practice, implementing a strategy that is the opposite of what everyone expected, and why so few people do what they think is right.