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DesignOps as Service: Talking Adaptive Mapping with Michael Polivka

To most designers, DesignOps sounds like a necessary evil. But not to Michael Polivka, Chief of Staff for Experience Design at Autodesk. Michael talks with Lou about how DesignOps actually serves product teams.

Seeing Around Corners: Making Sense of DesignOps with Kristin Skinner

Kristin Skinner, Head of Design Management at Capital One, chats with Lou about the core values of DesignOps and how these ideas are shaking up the traditional corporate structure for the better.

DesignOps in a Post-Industrial World: Crash-Coursing Complex Systems with Jeff Sussna

Lou and Jeff Sussna discuss the challenge of synthesizing development and operations in a digital world. How do you scale design as part of a responsive digital business when everyone is digital?

Exploring the DesignOps Definition: A Chat with Dave Malouf

Lou sat down with Dave to talk about the emerging framework of DesignOps, and how it’s more than just design combined with operations.

Design is About Understanding People: A Chat with Irene Au

Lou talks with Irene Au, Design Partner at Khosla Ventures, about her work with setting up companies with robust design practices, and why user research is an investment every company should make.

From Design Thinking to Design Doing: A Chat with IBM’s Doug Powell

How do you build an enterprise design organization from the top down, and turn design thinking into design doing? Lou