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Podcast: Scaling a Design Team Across the World with Wendy Johansson

From different societal norms to language barriers, her story can inform your own ways of collaboration with new people and cultures, whether abroad or just within your own team. 

Podcast: Discussing Design Education with SVA’s Allan Chochinov

  Allan Chochinov, Founding Chair of the MFA in Products of Design graduate program at the School of Visual Arts

Podcast: Design Beyond Devices—Creating Multimodal, Cross-Device Experiences with Cheryl Platz

If you’re an interaction designer, you’ll want to listen as Cheryl dramatically expands our understanding of one of interaction design’s final frontiers.

Making Good Trouble: DesignOps Summit co-curator Alana Washington

Alana serves as a Senior Design Program Manager at Uber Freight. She’s also part of the DesignOps Summit 2020 curation team.

Liftoff! Practical Design Leadership to Elevate Your Team, Your Organization, and You

Top designers are often thrust into leadership roles, and it’s easy to forget that these two roles do not require the same skillset. In this episode, design managers and Liftoff! co-authors Chris Avore and Russ Unger discuss the mistakes and lessons they—and MANY others—have made in their new book, four years in the works. Liftoff! is a guide for new leaders looking for guidance about managing design teams effectively, and established managers who want to level up their expertise.

Figure It Out: Getting from Information to Understanding

Many years in the works, Figure It Out is coming out in May 2020! In this episode, authors Stephen P. Anderson and Karl Fast discuss the complex world of information (think incomprehensible tax policies to confusing medical explanations) we are faced with, and the ways in which information can be transformed into better presentations, better meetings, better software, and better decisions. Stephen also shares a personal anecdote about part of the inspiration for the book.

Engaged: Designing for Behavior Change with author Amy Bucher

In this episode, Amy and Lou Rosenfeld discuss the ethics of data collection, self-determination theory, fitness apps, her new book, and more.

The Lens of Language: authors Andy Welfle and Michael J. Metts on why Writing Is Designing

Michael Metts and Andy Welfle, authors of the new Rosenfeld Media book Writing Is Designing, get meta and discuss writing about UX writing with Lou Rosenfeld. They also stress the importance of looking through the “lens of language,” when solving problems – reworking your existing language to make things clear from the outset, rather than fixing problems by adding more copy later.

4 new episodes of the Rosenfeld Review podcast: DesignOps leaders at UberEats, Shopify, J.P. Morgan Chase, Docusign, and more

Many of our most recent episodes have covered Design Operations and Research Operations—topics on many people’s minds of late.

DesignOps as Service: Talking Adaptive Mapping with Michael Polivka

To most designers, DesignOps sounds like a necessary evil. But not to Michael Polivka, Chief of Staff for Experience Design at Autodesk. Michael talks with Lou about how DesignOps actually serves product teams.

Seeing Around Corners: Making Sense of DesignOps with Kristin Skinner

Kristin Skinner, Head of Design Management at Capital One, chats with Lou about the core values of DesignOps and how these ideas are shaking up the traditional corporate structure for the better.

DesignOps in a Post-Industrial World: Crash-Coursing Complex Systems with Jeff Sussna

Lou and Jeff Sussna discuss the challenge of synthesizing development and operations in a digital world. How do you scale design as part of a responsive digital business when everyone is digital?

Exploring the DesignOps Definition: A Chat with Dave Malouf

Lou sat down with Dave to talk about the emerging framework of DesignOps, and how it’s more than just design combined with operations.

Design is About Understanding People: A Chat with Irene Au

Lou talks with Irene Au, Design Partner at Khosla Ventures, about her work with setting up companies with robust design practices, and why user research is an investment every company should make.

From Design Thinking to Design Doing: A Chat with IBM’s Doug Powell

How do you build an enterprise design organization from the top down, and turn design thinking into design doing? Lou