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Congratulations and lots of gratitude to Patrizia Bertini and Alexandra Mengoni-Leon (of the DesignOps community and Summit) who have developed

The DesignOps Summit 2021 Master Resource List is Here!

These resources come from multiple sources: some were cited by DesignOps Summit 2021 speakers during their presentations, and others were

XPLANE’s DesignOps Canvas

Set the stage for conversations in your organization, think through your needs, plans, and goals, and ask the right questions. Then, use this canvas to capture your ideas and insights in one place.

How to select and develop individuals for successful agile teams: A practical guide

In order to enable “agile” design teams (and processes) there are ways you can screen the teams you are leading to develop a more effective way of managing the process and impact on the output.

Building a User Research Panel

“Even though we provide incentives to participate in our research studies, our desire is to recruit individuals for whom the incentive is a token of gratitude, not their primary reason for participating in the research.” Read more in LexisNexis’s Jeanette
Fuccella’s article.

The Partnership Lens

Charles Eames understood that Ray was an equal partner in their creations, and he was always eager to acknowledge her integral role. “Anything I can do, Ray can do better,” he said

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#WhatIsResearchOps #any #way?

One of the most exciting developments over the past year has been the emergence of the ResearchOps community—especially its organic and distributed effort to define the practice of research operations.