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Videoconference: Culture Design with Michelle Morrison

Michelle Morrison is a seasoned design operator who loves people-centered problems. She started her Design Ops career at Square.

Videoconference: “8 Types of Measures in Design Operations” with Kristin Skinner and Kamdyn Moore

In this webinar, we’ll identify techniques, tactics, and tools for proving (and even measuring) value, and describing the outcomes that matter most.

Videoconference recording: Scale is Social Work

Ask any design leader and the word scale is most definitely a part of their job description. In this session, Jacqui Frey, Senior Director of Design Operations at Mailchimp, will share her successes and failures with scaling design through DesignOps.

Videoconference recording: Gatekeepers and Servant Leadership with Kevin Bethune

Kevin Bethune is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of dreams • design + life, a “think tank” that delivers design & innovation services using a human-centered approach. 

Dear Alison: “I’m creating job titles for DesignOps roles and need some other models for reference.” 

Good question! As these are early days, there is still some ambiguity in general around what role to hire for, never mind what titles should be. We have been having this conversation in one way or another for years. In the past we spoke of project management, program management, producer, etc. and debated nomenclature vs. semantics. And in this nascent discipline, I think the roles (and ambiguity) are analogous.

Videoconference recording: “Leading with Design Operations past and present” with Bob Baxley, December 19, 4pm ET

In this conversation, Bob and Alison will discuss why it’s so hard to hire designers and the criticality of advocacy for the profession in order to attract emerging talent, the myth of the unicorn designer, and in light of all of this why companies are wrong to fight back against the idea of remote design teams.

The Partnership Lens

Charles Eames understood that Ray was an equal partner in their creations, and he was always eager to acknowledge her integral role. “Anything I can do, Ray can do better,” he said

Videoconference: “Design Maturity and the opportunity space for Design Ops ” with Leah Buley, December 12, 4pm ET

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What’s your burning question about DesignOperations? Our advice columnist Alison Rand (Senior Director, Head of Design Operations at InVision) can answer—or find someone who can!

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Videoconference recording, deck, and chat transcript now available – Distributed DesignOps Management with Jilanna Wilson

Struggling to manage Design Operations in a distributed environment? ZenDesk’s Jilanna Wilson knows your pain; join her for a discussion that’ll cover a variety of topics that are challenging Design and Research Operations managers.