Why Your Design Team Is Quitting, And How To Fix It

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We’re on wave three of the great resignation. Job opportunities abound for designers of all stripes, and loyalty is at an all time low as we reassess our changing professional needs and ambitions in this new world. Liam Thurston leads a team of 55 designers and researchers at Loblaw Digital, building commerce, loyalty, and healthcare products for all Canadians.

Thurston’s team weathered the great resignation with resilience and thrived in the face of change; it left them even stronger.

In this talk, Thurston will teach you practical tools and processes for creating a Design Practice North Star, skills matrix, and an inclusive set of cultural rituals to build trust and create safety for your team, especially within a large organization. If you’re looking to level up your leadership practice in order to acquire and retain incredible talent who generate outstanding outcomes, this talk is for you!