This Is a Talk for Tired People

This pandemic was a season of healing for me,” was something Luz Bractcher never thought she’d say. Yet despite the devastation caused by shared global trauma, Luz discovered that the very life changes she faced as a result of lockdowns and physical distancing also allowed her an opportunity to address her mental, emotional, and creative health needs.

In this session, Luz shares her personal story of entering the pandemic in a state of burnout and how the season of isolation redefined the way she invited herself and her community into restful creativity.

As the risks of COVID diminish, and we tentatively reintegrate into the real world, this presentation focuses on 3 things to explore moving forward:

  • Prioritizing rest as a way to resist hustle culture and toxic capitalism
  • How our definition of “enough” directly impacts our approach to mental and emotional health in the workforce
  • How to encourage creative play into your work as a way to cultivate connection.