Networking After-Party: Meaningful connections don’t just happen…they’re created.

Session Details

gameboardNot being in-person is no excuse to miss out on connecting. But, absent a hotel lobby bar and drink tickets – is it even “remotely” possible  to make that magic mix of connection, spontaneity and a bit of fun happen?

The answer to that question is… “Absolutely, Yes.”

Join us after the last session of the day on Thursday, June 9th to play Cozy Juicy Real – an engaging online board game where the purpose is anything but trivial: creating authentic and truly meaningful connections with your peers.

Remember those serendipitous conversations from in-person conferences? The ones that sparked randomly over a beer during happy hour, continued effortlessly  into a lively dinner, and led to important professional connections that lasted well after the conference had wrapped? Take those amazing moments, fuse them with your favorite board game and you’ve got your effortless virtual hallway conversation in the making. Without even noticing, you’ll get to know other people in the enterprise UX community on a personal level. 

So…how does it work?

Cozy Juicy Real is a classic, easy-to-learn board game, repurposed for 2022. It’s been played by thousands of people in more than 61 countries to bring us all (and the world) a little closer.

“I was skeptical at first, but fast-forward to last night and I’ve now attended my third Cozy Juicy Real game.”

-Dillon Chi, UX Researcher and Fellow, USA

Join to…

  • Skip those painful moments of silence while everyone on Zoom stares blankly at their screen, waiting for someone to start a conversation.
  • Learn tools to connect more deeply with friends, family and coworkers
  • Connect more deeply with your peers in the Enterprise UX community
  • Remember that behind it all – we’re all humans living a shared experience.

Online Video of how to play CozyJuicyReal

Note: This session is intended for Design at Scale 2022 attendees only. 

This session will run online on Thursday, June 9th 2:30 PM PT – 4::00 PM PT.

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This is an interactive session and spaces are limited.

About your Hosts

Jed and Sophia are group facilitators, coaches, board game designers and the creators of Cozy Juicy Real. More importantly, they’re two people who believe in the power of great conversations to bring us all a little closer. Cozy Juicy Real has been played by thousands of people in 61 countries – from students to start-ups and teams at some of the world’s most successful companies including Volvo, Zoom and Nike.

“Nights like this renew my faith in humanity”

-Reyna, USA