Creating a Basis for Change: Scaling Design Maturity

In large organizations, design is often sparse or intentionally decentralized in a way that places it subservient to Product and Engineering—and ultimately limits its potential for impact.

Knowing that, is it possible to create a basis for change? How might we address the decentralization of design with the goal of increasing design maturity and producing better outcomes? How can we apply the design process organization-wide and across silos?

In this session, Jess Greco will discuss how the team at Mastercard is approaching change management through the lens of:

  • Individuals and their needs
  • The organization and its needs
  • Efforts to align those two sets of needs

Jess will also share results of Mastercard’s experimental Customer Experience Design Guild; investments in Learning & Development; and Guild-wide efforts to reframe how the organization views the practices and processes that support human-centered design.