Tuning in Your Multichannel Content Strategy

  • Choosing among Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, or investing more in your blog? Every channel represents an opportunity cost as it demands your limited resources. Before you try to do it all, learn how to prioritize content marketing channels against your message architecture—because all channels aren’t right for all brands, and you only have so much budget, time, and creativity to go around.

    You’re probably familiar with E pluribus unum—out of many, one. In today’s modern marketing organizations, you need to start with one vision, and choose, create, and maintain many channels within a multifaceted but unified experience. That’s the challenge of cohesive cross-platform experience design. Content strategy’s communication foundation, the message architecture, can help you answer that challenge. We’ll discuss how to prioritize communication goals with a hands-on exercise—ideal whether you’re focusing on the web, a product, social media, or an offline experience. Then learn how to create consistency between discrete content types and channels. Discover how to prioritize work by exploring brands that do it well, and those that don’t. Finally, respond to responsive design with a strategy to adapt content across platforms but still stay true to your brand.

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    • Get everyone on the same page by starting with a brief overview of content strategy—where it came from, how we define it, where it’s going, and how it complements content marketing
    • Draw on a rich combination of lecture, discussion, and hands-on exercises from an industry veteran with more than a decade of experience in corporate and consulting-side content strategy
    • Get stakeholders in sync to ward off shifting priorities and politics that can affect long-term marketing initiatives
    • Gain a shared understanding of how your team can maintain focus among constrained budgets, tight timelines, and a constant rush of new channels and “the next big thing”
    • Bring your team up to speed with a sustainable process of maintaining web-based experiences—leave behind “launch it and forget it” thinking and waste

    What You’ll Learn

    • How to translate business vision to an actionable message architecture, and how to derive an editorial calendar and style guidelines from that message architecture
    • How to say no—or not yet—to new channels to better serve your organization and your target audience
    • How to prioritize your communication goals—and maintain that vision over time
    • How to prevent stakeholder seagulling that derails projects and burns budgets
    • How to reframe and reposition tactical fiats and arbitrary calls to implement the next big thing (e.g. why don’t we have a Pinterstagrambook strategy yet?!)

    Who Should Attend

    Product managers, account managers, marketers, and content strategists.