Mental Models for Better Decision-Making

  • This course is a one-day microcosm of Indi Young’s whole advanced training cycle. It also contains new material from her upcoming book.

    As product creators, teams focus a lot on solutions, spending only a couple of days understanding the problems. Yet, it’s clear that understanding the problem deeply leads to more opportunities, new markets, and humanized support for real needs. Indi’s mental models & thinking-styles is a method deployed over years, fitting into your development schedule, yet providing much needed depth. Mental models and thinking-styles outline future possibilities and guide current ideation and design. Spending more time understanding different perspectives on the problem is a much better approach to really helping the world.

    In this full-day workshop, Indi will introduce how to look at problems through the lens of peoples’ purpose. You’ll learn how to decide where to gather deeper understanding, and how to listen for people’s inner thinking, reactions, and guiding principles. Indi will show you how to treat this qualitative data properly, avoiding bias, building patterns from the bottom up. Lastly, you’ll spend time working with some mental model diagrams and thinking-styles created by Indi, so you get a chance to taste the powerful impact of deep understanding in the problem space.

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