Fundamentals of Interviewing Users

  • Not getting the results you want from your interview-based user research? Interviewing is one of the most valuable and commonly used user research tools, yet it’s often not used well because people tend to think it’s just about talking and listening.

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    Who this is for

    Attendees should have an interest in user-centered design. There’s no requirement to have an advanced level of experience in conducting user research of any type, while those with such expertise will benefit from taking an implicit process and stepping back from it in order to consider how they work. I typically find a mix of participant expertise in this workshop and it creates a good energy to have some diversity in perspectives.

    Sample Agenda

    Introduction: 10 minutes
    Best Practices Overview (lecture): 50 minutes
    Methods (lecture): 60 minutes
    Break: 15 minutes
    Interviewing (lecture): 60 minutes
    Interviewing Exercise: 45 minutes
    Observation Exercise + Lunch: 105 minutes
    Synthesis (lecture/breakouts): 45 minutes
    Break: 15 minutes
    Ideation (lecture/breakouts): 60 minutes
    Share: 30 minutes
    Having Impact On the Organization: 15 minutes
    Q&A + Wrap-up: 30 minutes