Digital Governance by Design

  • Many organizations have been operating online of 20 years and still don’t know who is really “in charge” of an organization’s online presence and digital governance. That lack of clarity often slows the pace of digital development and impacts online quality as different stakeholder groups take differing and often un-complementary views of the organization’s online purpose, structure, and “look and feel.”  

    Lisa Welchman offers a one-day digital governance workshop that helps organizations explore challenging digital ownership questions.  Lisa brings your digital stakeholders together for a day of learning and discussion.

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    Who this is for

    Before our onsite workshop day we will conduct two orientation calls to gather information from you and your team and help you determine who should participate in the workshop.

    This workshop is best for organizations that:

    • Are trying to “sell” the idea of digital governance to executives
    • Need to educate or influence internal resources regarding sound digital operational practices
    • Only need guidance and want to develop a governance framework with internal resources
    • Are at a communications impasse within their digital team and need a mediated forum for discussion

    What you’ll learn

    In the one-day workshop, we will:

    • Provide an educational overview of digital governance
    • Brainstorm the structure, roles and responsibilities of an organization’s core and distributed digital team
    • Help the organization clarify decision-making for digital strategy, policy, and standards
    • Provide recommendations for improving digital standards compliance