Better Meetings by Design

  • Proper facilitation, visual thinking, and real-time capture are all critical in order to bring harmony to the natural tangents that happen in our brains during meetings and allow us to design better meetings. Tactics like these help teams process the problems they’re tackling early in the process, and enable them to act upon that understanding. These tactics are fundamental building blocks of a good design process, and as a result, bring design thinking into the traditional meeting. Well designed meetings lead to better outcomes.

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    Who this is for

    Anyone who wants better meetings in their workplace, from design, marketing, or communications professionals to product or project managers and meeting facilitators.

    What you’ll learn

    • Meetings & cognitive processes (your brain)
    • Facilitation basics
    • Role structures for meetings
    • Decision-making patterns that work
    • Critique basics
    • Better presentations
    • Specific meeting exercises around product development and ideation