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Adopting a “Design By” Method

The design establishment is rooted in the same inequities rampant throughout our societies. In civic design it is especially critical we adopt inclusive and equitable methods to best accommodate the varied realities of the People we serve. Let’s spend time reflecting on the sources of our design practices, who benefits, who is harmed, and who is included/excluded.
  • Who has power?
  • What about the key performance metrics our government agencies monitor?
  • Why are existing approaches problematic?
  • Where are the roots of these issues, and when did things change?
  • How do we get started with more humanity-centered approaches?
Here are key steps to tackle processes and address inequity, unconscious bias, privilege, oppression, etc. that come from the roots of our established design systems, to invite a method of ‘Design By’ that empowers the People we serve. Let’s leave no one behind.